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December 2016/January 2017
  • Responsible Handling of Chemicals is More Important Now Than Ever Before.
  • Designed for the Future of Industrial Stormwater Treatment
  • Pumps Deliver Smooth Processing for Seaweed Harvester
  • Odor Control Solutions for Australia’s Largest Brewery Operation
  • Customizable Dust Suppression For Specialized Applications
  • Centrifugal Screener Helps Convert Cooking Waste Into Biofuel
  • Rent or Purchase -- What’s Right for You?

    October/November 2016
  • Filtered Chemical Workstation Technology
  • Smoke Testing Questions You Never Thought To Ask
  • Bionetix® Biosurf Uses Nature to Clean Oil Spills on its Own Surf and Turf!
  • Solvent Recycling Systems
  • On-site Wastewater Treatment
  • Perfectly Balanced: Internally-Fed Rotary Screens On Tap For Craft Brewing Success
  • The Benefit of Thermal Desorption Coupled with Gas Chromatography to Carry out Ozone Precursor Analysis ?Using Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS)
  • Waterleau has been Selected as Biogas Plant Commissioner for Energy Recovery Transformation Project

    August/September 2016
  • Flow Data Integration
  • The world’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence solves chronic clogging problems and halves energy usage at Heathrow Airport
  • pH/ORP Data Logging Controller For Water Treatment Applications
  • Benzene Specific Fence-Line Monitoring at Refineries

    June/July 2016
  • Cost Reduction for Sludge and Septic Waste Drying & Composting
  • Patented Samplers Built to US EPA SW8467 and ASTMD5495 Standard
  • Old Superfund leakage fixed, but the smell just wouldn’t go -- Solar pumps to the rescue
  • Arsenic Removal for Nevada Utility Company
  • Industrial Weather Stations
  • Versatility is Key to the Enduring Value of WESPs
  • The Case for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants and Fluids in Land and Applications and Equipment
  • Can the Uber Model Benefit Environmental Labs and Environmental Testing?

    April/May 2016
  • Into Their Fifth Year, Little Solar Piston Pumps Dewater, Remediate-And The Power Is Free
  • Mitigating Hazmat Risks through Proper Communication and Planning
  • Green Energy from Waste: How Biogas Can Help Plants Save Money- and Save the Planet
  • Portable GC/MS System Offers Benefits in Many Applications
  • Wastewater Energy Can Be Recovered and Used for Heat
  • Helping China Breathe a Little Easier

    February/March 2016
  • A New Valveless Solution for Metering Concentrated Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Uganda Water Projects: Assessing Groundwater Resources in Uganda
  • Tackle the Challenges of Removing Oil with Efficiency, Oil Skimming helps remove oil in virtually any industry
  • El Nino: Managing Groundwater Contamination Risks and Remedial Outcomes

    December/January 2016
  • Groundwater Monitoring Comes of Age
  • Optimize Your Landfill Management

    October/November 2015
  • New Flame Detector: Demonstrated at Marcellus Insight Symposium
  • Saving your Company Money through Proper Maintenance & Inspections of Your RTOS
  • How Laboratory Information Management Systems(LIMS) are Changing Wastewater Management
  • Texas Oil Refinery Anti-Pollution Plan: Oil Skimmer Helps Cut Disposal Costs
  • Advanced PID Technology Provides Resistance to Humidity Effects
  • Tanner Uses By-Product to Cut Pullution…Low-Nox Steam Generator Reduces CO2 Emisson Annually by 4500 Tons
  • Steel Plant Finds a Submersible Slurry Pump for Scale Pit
  • Filtration ® 2015 is expecting its largest turnout at this year’s event as it returns to Chicago’s Navy Pier, Nov. 17-19

    August/September 2015
  • Being a Good Neighbor With Eco-Friendly Odor Management
  • Fabric Structures Provide Solutions for Waste Industry
  • Chlorine Gas Disinfection: Total Containment and RMP Studies
  • Monitoring of Aerobic Bacteria Content and Biocide Use in Hydraulic Fracturing Water Systems

    June/July 2015
  • Mayo Clinic finds technical fix to reduce incinerator emissions
  • Maintenance and Upgrades for Existing Air Pollution Control Systems
  • Equipment Monitor with Bluetooth® Smart Capability
  • FOG Problem No Match For Waste Grinder: How a Florida county eliminated sewage overflows and grease build up with the help of a powerful waste grinder
  • Case Study - Treatment of Produced Water in the Oil/Gas Industries
  • Global Ultrasonic Capability the Key to Major Australian Contract

    April/May 2015
  • Donation Helps Protect Groundwater Sources Adjacent to Ebola Care Facilities
  • Xitech’s Top 6 Lessons Learned From Free Product Recovery Projects
  • This is NOT your Father’s Bolted Steel Tank…
  • UVC LEDs What Do They Have to Offer?
  • 25 Year Waste-to-Energy Partnership
  • Waste Methane Emissions Turned into Clean Energy
  • Clean, Green and Reliable

    February/March 2015
  • Monitoring Greenhouse Gases From Biofuel Crops
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Used in Pediatric Care Hospital Project
  • Fabric Structures Offer Advantages for Salt Storage

    December/January 2015
  • Analysis of Air Filters using the ARL QUANT’X Energy-Dispersive

    October/November 2014
  • Easing the Transition to Sonic Water Level Measurement
  • Emissions Gas Monitoring: How Sensors can Make the Difference
  • Orange County Groundwater Replenishment System
  • Best Practices for Preventing Leakage and Pollution

    August/September 2014
  • UOP's Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems Offer High Performance Solutions for Industrial Wastewater Challenges
  • No Matter What the Project, Proper Spill Protection is Important
  • Real-Time Stormwater Monitoring Helps County track Watershed Health and Msintain NPDES Compliance

    June 2014
  • Determination of Mercury in Water
  • Emissions Control - Navigating Site Needs and Quad O Compliance
  • Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzer Provides Real-Time Data Analysis for Chile Agency
  • Bioremediating Parts Washing Systems An Alternative to Traditional Parts Washing
  • Web-accessed Continuous Noise Measurement System

    April 2014
  • Has the Magflow Meter Had Its Day?
  • Pegasus Program Facilitates Expedited Response and Reentry for Emergency Situations
  • Simplifying MACT and PS 11 Compliance for Continuous Emission Measurement
  • Compost Accelerator Optimizes Degradation of Organnic Matter
  • Interview with National Polypropylene Pipe Manufacture
  • Monitoring and Control of Exhaust Gases from Diesel-Powered Engines

    February 2014
  • Convenience and Cost Savings of Bailers Offer Compelling Alternative to Low Flow Pumps
  • Capture Environmental Data on Hand-held Touch Screen Measuring Device
  • Auto-locking Thermoplastic Support and Hanger System Launched by Litchfield Intl.
  • Biofiltration: Technology Advancement for HAP, VOC & Odor Control
  • Wastewater Case Study Retrofit Improves Existing Grit Removal System

    December 2013
  • Frac Sand Process Water Storage Tanks
  • Cleaning Cooling Towers & Tanks On-Line and In-Service
  • In-Situ Technology for Cleanup of Halogen Contaminated Sites
  • Gas Sensor Technology Helps the Chemical Industry Control its Plant Emissions
  • UV Disinfection Unit Provides Cost-Effective Uses for UV Against Biofouling
  • TEQUATIC™ PLUS Fine Particle Filter Helps Solve Cost and Safety Challenges

    October 2013
  • Solidification Products International: The Leader in Passive Oil Removal From Stormwater
  • Applications for Peristaltic Pumps in Water and Wastewater
  • Collaboration Results in a Breakthrough Design of Desorption Tube for Soil Vapor Intrusion Analysis
  • Air Pollution Still Harming Health Across Europe
  • Natural Gas Industry Facing Midstream Production Compliance Issues
  • Mine Water Treatment Plant uses Zero Liquid Waste Process to Improve Water Quality of Monongahela River Watershed
  • APPrO 2013 - 25 Years in the Power Sector

    August 2013
  • Cyclone Sampler Anniversary
  • Real-Time Computer Training for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Exam
  • Quality Data Management: An Essential Component of US Water Infrastructure
  • Shifting Your Perception of AODD Pumps

    June 2013
  • Leachate Tank Rehabilitation with Corrosion Resistant Linings
  • Monitoring the Challenges of Hydraulic Fracking
  • Wireless Fenceline Monitoring Systems Protect the Community
  • Environmental Labs can Improve Competitiveness and Accuracy with Semi-Automated Dilution Technology
  • Advanced Gas Cleaning Equipment for Metals Industries can Drive Super Performance, Profits and Growth
  • Steel Furnace Retro-Fit Reduces Energy Consumption by 63%

     April 2013
  • The Cost Reduction Locator: Four Steps to Measurable Results!
  • Fogging Technology Combats Corrosion at Water Reclamation Facility
  • Accurate Liquid Level Measurement Under Varying Pressure/Vacuum Conditions

    February 2013
  • UK Water Company Finds Reduced Maintenance and ease of use with their new NexION® System
  • Chemical Free Water Treatment Solution
  • Passive Oil Sheen Filtration and Oil Containment in One
  • Bioremediation Agent Safely Cleans Oil Spills & Contaminated Floodwater
  • Service and Scrap Business Stays True to "Green" Roots
  • Automatic Gas Sensor Calibration Pays Big Dividends for CNG TransitBypass Oil Filtration Technology Yields Environmental Benefits
  • Limestone Quarry Saves Big by Replacing Rotary Airlocks with Trickle Valve
  • How to Tap the Energy Savings in your Greywater