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Cooling Vests

The StaCool Industrial Vest is a one-size-fits all vest designed for use in any industry that involves extreme heat environments. The StaCool Under Vest is a size-specific vest with a fron zipper for easy on/off. The vests' cooling technology combined with insulating materials will keep wearers cool for up to three hours. Each StaCool vest comes with two sets of thermoPaks to provide additional hours of cooling. Both vests are available in flame retardant material.
— StaCool Industries,    866/782-2665    Visit The website

Beverage Center

The KewlLid® cover is made to fit over the top of a 55-gallon drum or a 44-gallon trash can to hold your beverage cooler in place while providing a trash receptacle and room for cups and single-serve drink mixes to consolidate your hydration station to a single tower.
— Glove Guard LP,    888/660-6133    Visit The website

Portable Particulate Monitor

The PC-4005 6 channel Particulate Meter optionally incorporates sensors for additional parameters such as TVocs, CO2, temperature and relative humidity. This monitor measures particle counts and also displays and logs calculated particle mass concentrations while optionally displaying and logging the aforementioned environmental conditions. The PC-4005 may alternatively be connected to the company's AdvancedSense®, DirectSense®, or WolfPack® instruments to add additional parameters.
— GrayWolf Sensinng Solutions,    800/218-7997    Visit The website

Multi Gas Detector Runs Two Months on One Charge

The Multi Gas Clip (MGC) is a portable multi gas detector with a two month continuous run time without recharging. The extended battery life comes from the utilization of low power photometric infrared technology for LEL measurment, which replaces pellistor technology. No need to frequency calibrate as it is immune to catalytic poison and fails to safety. Each detector is 100% quality control tested to ensure complete customer satisfaction
— Gas Clip Technologies,    877/525-0808    Visit The website

Peracetic Acid Gas Detection

Peracetic Acid (PAA) gas detection is now available from Analytical Technology Inc. Both portable and fixed detectors can provide rapid and reliable detection of hazardous levels of PAA vapor in the workplace. The new PAA sensor provides sensitivity to 0.05 ppm while measuring selectively without interference from hydrogen peroxide, a component of PAA solutions. Sensors are compatible with the ATI PortaSens II portable leak detector as well as the series F12 fixed gas detector.
— Analytical Technology Inc.,    800/959-0299    Visit The website

Smoke Generators to Improve IAQ

Very effective for professional air flow studies, testing HVAC equipment, and finding leaks, Superior® Smoke is fast, easy, and inexpensive to use. Use Superior® Smoke Pellets, which produce 30 to 500 cubic feet of smoke, and larger items are available to generate up to 500,000 cubic feet of smoke in six minutes.
— Superior Signal Company LLC,    800/945-8378    Visit The website

Bioaersol Sampler

The Buck BioAire™ is a Controlled Flow Sampler for Bioaerosols. Its small size and quiet operation allow for sampling in IAQ, medical, clean room, public and residential applications. It accepts Allergenco-D and Air-O-Cell® Cassettes. Features include: battery power, 5-20 lpm controlled flow, up to 5-hour runtime at 15lpm, timer for 1, 2, 5, and 10-minute samples and continuous mode, audible and visual alarms for end-of-cycle and depleted battery, and easy keypad calibration without tools.
— A.P. BUCK Inc.,    800/330-2825    Visit The website

Air Cleaning Systems

The Extract-All™ Model Sp-800 line of Portable Air Cleaning Systems offer versatility and high efficiency in a compact design. The SP-800 and SP-800-DA are designed for direct source-capture removal of smoke, dust, fumes, and other airborne contaminants in either a single or dual arm configuration. The SP-800-DD offers the same solutions in a downdraft configuration. These systems help ensure compliance with OSHA regulations, and improve air quality.
— Air Impurities Removal Systems Inc.,    800/236-1889    Visit The website

Mist Collector

The SmogHog® SHM Media Mist Collector is designed for the metalworking industry. It features PEACH® saturated depth coalescing media that uses three airflow paths to remove over 99% of contaminants. Password protected, touchscreen technology makes the SHM easy to operate, maintain and service. Save energy costs using Auto Flow Control technology to optimize system performance without the use of mechanical dampers or variable frequency drives.
— CLARCOR Industrial Air,    800/821-2222    Visit The website

Emergency Preparedness Training

DQE-On-Demand® eLearning for Healthcare Preparedness helps to keep hospital staff up to date with emergency preparedness training by providing online learning to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. New features include a clean design with easy, fast navigation, and availability on mobile devices. A new dashboard displays progress, preparedness new headlines, and facility bulletins. Course content has been updated with latest standards and best practices for decontamination, evacuation, and Hospital Incident Command (HICS). A student self-enrollment feature saves administrative time and progress reports are simple to export.
— DQE Inc.,    800/355-4628    Visit The website

Cooling Vests

Prevent heat stress and work cooler, safer, and longer with Body Cooling Vests. The company has 30 years of experience combating heat stress. Choose from either traditional gel ice Thermo-Strips (recharge in the freezer) or the new PCM packs (recharge in refrigerator or ice water).
— Steele Inc.,    888/783-3538    Visit The website

Asbestos Pump/Cassettes

Combine the tough, economical SKC AirLite® constant flow sample pump (1000 to 3000 ml/min) with certified leak-free BestChek® Asbestos Cassettes. Alkaline battery powered AirLite pumps provide >10 hours personal asbestos sampling (in most conditions). BestChek cassettes are certified to meet or exceed NIOSH/OSHA/ASTM standards in count, clearing, conductivity, collection area, and construction.
— SKC Inc.,    800/752-8472    Visit The website

Air Quality Monitoring Station

The Haz-Scanner™ model HIM-6000 air quality monitoring station measures and documents trace level (ppb) gas, particulates, and meteorological parameters in real-time. Configure up to 12 sensors with true simultaneous PM2.5 and PM10 readings and custom sensor calibrations for your specific application(s). Interface multiple systems 24/7 with cell phone alerts and remote global access to data with or without Cloud-based subscriptions.
— Environmental Devices Corp.,    800/234-2589    Visit The website

AED & Emergency Oxygen Unit

The LIFE®StartSystem is a complete emergency oxygen unit with a case that holds an AED. The case has been redesigned to fit either the Philips Onsite or FRx AED (purchased separately), complete with the LIFE®O2 unit. It weighs 8 pounds, measures 12"×12"×13", and is durable and water resistant. Complete with LIFE®O2 6&12 LPM “NORM” & “HIGH” regulator, the unit provides a 15+ minute supply of emergency oxygen. The aluminum cylinder is disposable/replaceable (or refillable).
— LIFE Corporation,    800/700-0202    Visit The website

No-Strap Disposable Knee Pads

Soft Knees™ Disposable Knee Pads were designed for one time use with disposable garments. While providing cushion to the knee, these no-strap knee pads also stop contaminates from penetrating the garment’s fabric.
— Working Concepts Inc.,    888/456-3372    Visit The website

Leak Detection Fluid

Sherlock® 5-sec leak detector is used on gas connections, air lines, tanks, cylinders, refrigeration condensers, evaporatosr and other equipment that can be leak-tested for air or gas. The leak detection fluid pinpoints large and small leaks at temperatures as low as -65°F more effectively than soap solutions. Available in pint-size dispenser with brush, 8 oz unbreakable plastic container with dauber, plastic squeeze bottle, 1-gallon container, 5-gallon pail and 55-gallon drum.
— Winton Products Co. Inc.,    704/399-5151    Visit The website