Anguil Expands Environmental Offerings to Include Water Treatment Solutions
Anguil Environmental is announcing the creation of a new water treatment division named Anguil Aqua Systems. The new initiative will leverage Anguil’s extensive engineering experience and process knowledge. Anguil has spent the past three years researching the market, forming a technical team and expanding their knowledge of water pollution technologies and techniques before offi cially forming Anguil Aqua. During this time, they successfully completed several water treatment projects in the remediation and industrial manufacturing markets. Building upon these achievements, the company is positioned to provide single source responsibility for fully engineered, customized and integrated air and water treatment solutions.
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The FATBOY Tramp Oil separator
The Fatboy is the best oil separator available today. Not only will it separate and remove free fl oating & dispersed oils, but due to the unique automated cycle the unit will remain clean even in the dirtiest environments. The fully adjustable cycles effectively removes the settled solids & suspended solids from the system rendering the unit maintenance free. With the effective fl owrate of 10-15 GPM the waters are free of oils in a short amount time.

Fluid Applications
Blank washers
Coil washers
Machine tool coolant
Marine & bilge
Metal stamping
Oil spill recovery
Parts washing
Process water
Quench oil systems
Restaurant FOG
Steel mill water
Steel treating
Wash-down pits
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The E8500 Plus is ideal for EPA level emissions monitoring for industrial combustion applications including boilers, engines, and furnaces.

Key features of the E8500 Plus include:
• Up to 9 Gas Sensors:
O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S and CO2, CxHy, High CO (NDIR) • VOC Sensor Now Available
• Low NOx and True NOx Capable
• Built-in Thermoelectric Chiller with
Automatic Condensate Drain Pump • Real-Time PC Software Package
Including Bluetooth Module for Wireless Communications • Wireless Remote Printer
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Leak Detector
The C16 PortaSens II portable leak detector is used to check for gas leaks in storage areas, around process equipment and piping, and in confined spaces prior to entry. The detector contains an internal sample pump and a flexible sampling wand to allow pinpoint location of the source of leakage. The C16 is able to measure over 30 different gases by simply inserting the appropriate sensor into the detector.
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Variable Area Flowmeters Variable area vane fl owmeters are designed to
Variable area vane flowmeters are designed to measure cooling water, process water, condensate return, treated effluent and flush to pump seals in industrial wastewater systems. These reliable meters provide rate, total and two adjustable set points when equipped with the new HART protocol transmitter. Optional mechanical switch back up offers redundancy in challenging applications.
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Oil Sensing Probe
WS Series® simplex control panels are ideal for sewage pump chambers, grinder pumps, sump pump basins, and lift stations. The controls are housed in a NEMA-4X heavy duty polycarbonate enclosure with a clear front that allows pump status to be viewed without accessing the inside of the control panel. Other features include: IEC contactor, motor protective switch, individual LED fl oat status indicator, dry contacts for high liquid, pump run, and pump fault. The control panels are UL Listed and come with a three-year warranty.
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Hazardous Area Flowmeter
The Ex-FlowSIREN™ is a portable 3G wireless Area-Velocity sewer fl owmeter. Multiple sensor capability allows for redundant data checks and greater fl exibility in CSO and multi-pipe installations. Dual alarm switches enable early warning and critical alarm notifi cation. Data is transmitted via wireless to FTP, Email, DropBOX, or the BlueLIVE® Data Management Server.
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Flow Measurement in Full Pipes
The ISM 5.0 Insertion Magmeter measures flow of conductive liquids in full pipes. It can be easily istalled in new pipe systems or by hot tap in pressurized pipes with fl owing liquids. The dual -electrode sensor and continuous auto- zero function provides NIST traceable high accuracy. It works on pipe diameters from 3 to 72” (80 to 1800 mm). There are no moving parts so obstruction to fl ow and pressure drop is minimal. Insertion depth is adjustable according to the pipe diameter and installation through a full port ball valve allows easy retraction and reinsertion without shutting down flow.
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Level Monitor
The 2880-LT monitors product levels to provide a proportional level signal for pumps, alarms, and controlled surface interfaces. It provides a 4-20mA output signal, and is easy to use with a quick calibration set-up with two points anywhere along the probe. It has a sensing, explosion-proof probe head, which can be used in hazardous locations. Available certifi cations include UL, CSA, or IEC 61010.
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Find Sources of Surface Inflow with Smoke Testing Systems
Reduce Wet Weather SSO’s and Surface Infl ow with Superior Signal Smoke Testing Systems. Superior Smoke Fluid, Classic Smoke Candles and Smoke Blowers are designed for Smoke Testing Sanitary Sewers quickly, effi ciently and economically. Superior Smoke Blowers can be used to test sewer lines with either smoke candles or fl uid to detect common sources of infl ow and other faults. Classic Smoke Candles provide a highly visible smoke to fi nd more faults, and at a longer distance. The Superior 3C Classic Smoke Candle produces a volume of 40,000 cubic feet of smoke in just 3 minutes. Join multiple W3C Smoke Candles together to create larger volumes of smoke visible for a longer period of time. Superior Smoke Fluid Systems offer a liquid-based alternative for Mainline Sewer inspection, featuring a proprietary insulated heating chamber with stainless steel injector to maximize dry smoke output, and produce a high quality liquid-based smoke. The “Superior Smoke Testing Technique” was developed over 60 years ago and remains the industry standard today. All Superior Smoke products are made in the USA.
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Datalogger Controllers
DL Black Box pH/ORP data logging controllers with remote Wi-Fi system management can control water variables with programmable hysteresis, automatic temp compensation, and probe diagnostics. The alarm system has normal, caution, and critical levels and activates by different color status lights on face of unit. The units sends text messages and/or email alerts via Wi-FI-interface. Portal dashboard offers remote water management access through internet. Onboard and cloud data logging at programmed intervals, plus instant snapshot feature, provide data for documentation, analysis and troubleshooting.
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Reliable Water Level Data Loggers
In©Situ ® Inc. designs and manufactures water level/pressure and temperature data loggers and data acquisition systems for long-term monitoring, aquifer testing, pumpand- treat operations, and many remediation and groundwater applications. Solid titanium, vented or non-vented Level TROLL® instruments can be used in applications ranging from high humidity and fl ood-prone sites, to those requiring the highest accuracy. Quickly program instruments and easily integrate with telemetry and HydroVu™ Data Services, or SCADA/PLC systems. Use direct-read cable with Tefzel ® jacket at sites where chemical-resistance or decontamination is required. Available for rent or purchase.
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