Analysis of Soil and Sewage Sludge in the Field with a Poratble ED-XRF Spectrometer
Examining contamination at environmentally hazardous sites requires professionals to quickly identify contaminating elements, the amounts present, and rapidly develop a proper course of action. All require precise elemental analysis, traditionally done in a laboratory. This paper explains the advantages of using a rugged new, portable spectrometer on site versus traditional lab-based analytical methods.
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Sensitive, Efficient Online TOC Analysis
Based on the EPA-approved 680C high temperature catalytic oxidation method, Shimadzu’s TOC-4200 excels in a wide range of applications. It offers enhanced data handling, automatic multi-point calibration, automatic dilution, and numerous cost-reducing features. In addition, low maintenance ensures maximum uptime.
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Hangerlok is a line of thermoplastic supports and hangers for electrical conduit and mechanical pipe applications. Corrosion and UV resistant, Hangerlok auto-locking design makes installations easier and faster. Accessories stainless steel 304. 3/8 inch - 4 inch diameters. Made in USA. Approved: UL2239. Free Sample kit by opening the link. No form to be completed.

The Aqua TROLL® 600 Multiparameter Sonde
The Aqua TROLL® 600 Multiparameter Sonde is the newest advancement in state-of-the-art water monitoring technology from In-Situ®. Internal Bluetooth® connection and the VuSitu™ Mobile App make low-flow sampling events fast, mobile, and efficient. Use your smartphone or tablet and the app-based controls to automate the collection of well and pumping information, monitor and record the stabilization of key water quality parameters, and automatically generate calibration and sampling reports to conform to federal and regional regulations.
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High-Purity Valves and Plastic Devices
International Polymer Solutions Inc. (“IPS”) manufactures high-purity valves and plastic devices for applications requiring engineered performance using PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PEEK, Polypropylene, PVC and other specialized polymers. Our polymer valves, air cylinders, spray guns, fittings and connectors are ideal for use in the Pollution Equipment Industry. Our products can also be found in the Semiconductor, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Sanitation, and General Chemical Industries where we supply custom fabricated tanks, manifolds, and cabinets to fit our client's application.
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Six Gas PID Monitor
The GX-6000 is a game changer that simultaneously monitors up to six gases. It has a strong internal sample pump, man-down alarm, panic alarm, an LED flashlight and a large auto-rotating LCD display. The GX-6000 operates as a single-gas PID or a multifunctional tool utilizing all six channels. It is designed for the nastiest environments with a water-resistant enclosure. Has an IP-67 rating. With vibration and loud audible alarm, GX-6000 will easily alert users.
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HVCF Dynamic Disc Membrane System --THE CORNCOB II
The technology behind the High-Pressure UF Disc Membrane System called the "CORNCOB-II" is intended to eliminate conventional pretreatment, increase the throughput flux (gpd/ft2) to high level, and reduce operating energy. The technology provides the means to attain a very high cross flow veloticy with minimum energy input, and a high flux rate while accommodating a high solids content. The CORNCOB-II features a meshed rotating disc system.
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