AHMP Hazardous Materials Management Desk Reference, 3rd Edition
The Hazardous Materials Management Desk Reference is designed to meet the management needs of environmental professionals who have responsibility for hazardous materials management (HMM) in their field, as well as for individuals interested in safety, engineering, industrial hygiene, and general environmental compliance.

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AHMP (Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals) 2017 National Conference
August 27-30, 2017

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EPA Administrator Meets With Congressional Coal Caucus
Carries message from the President that the war on coal is over and highlights pro-environment, pro-energy independence agenda at EPA
EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt met with the Congressional Coal Caucus on Monday and carried with him the message from President Donald Trump that the war on coal is over. Additionally, Administrator Pruitt highlighted many of the changes EPA has made from the last administration including.

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ACE 2017 American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition
ACE brings together experts from around the world to exchange ideas about water - the world's most important resource. The professional program will focus on major water sector issues such as management of lead in distribution systems, financing and affordability of water infrastructure, developing robust asset management programs, addressing water loss in distribution systems, advances in technology & innovation, and much more!

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Just Published: Total Maximum Daily Load Analysis and Modeling Assessment of the Practice
Sponsored by the Watershed Management Technical Committee of the Watershed Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE

Total Maximum Daily Load Analysis and Modeling: Assessment of the Practice reviews the available tools for estimating the maximum amount of a pollutant that a water body can receive in a day and still meet the applicable water quality standards.

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EPA Administrator Brings Back-to-Basics Agenda to Missouri Power Plant
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt visited the Thomas Hill Energy Center in Clifton Hill, Mo. today to discuss EPA’s Back-to-Basics agenda, which aims to refocus the agency on its core mission of protecting the environment through sensible regulations developed in cooperation with state, local and tribal partners. Administrator Pruitt spoke with more than 300 power plant workers, electric cooperative members and agriculture leaders about balancing environmental protection with affordable energy and jobs.

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BERWYN, Pa. and MINNEAPOLIS, April 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AMETEK, Inc. (NYSE: AME) and MOCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO) announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement under which AMETEK will acquire all of the outstanding shares of common stock of MOCON at a price of $30 per share in cash, which represents a premium of 39% to MOCON's closing share price on April 13, 2017. The aggregate enterprise value of the transaction is approximately $182 million, taking into account MOCON's outstanding equity awards and net cash to be acquired in the transaction. The transaction was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of MOCON.

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EPA to Reconsider The Electric Power Generating Category under the Clean Water Act
EPA announced the agency’s decision to review and reconsider the final rule that amends the effluent limitations guidelines and standards for the steam electric power generating category under the Clean Water Act (ELG Rule), which has been estimated to cost $480 million per year and has a reported average cost of $1.2 billion per year during the first five years of compliance.

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The City of Gloucester Renews its Environmental Partnership with Veolia to Operate its Water and Wastewater Systems
As the city's operations and maintenance (O&M) partner since 2009, Veolia Water North America - Northeast LLC (Veolia) was recently awarded a new eight-year contract to manage the potable water and wastewater treatment facilities serving the community of Gloucester, Massachusetts

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Emerson Provides Update to Pentair Valves & Controls Acquisition
s released by BUSINESS WIRE--Emerson has a clear understanding of what is required to receive the final regulatory approvals from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Mexican Federal Economic Competition Commission for completion of the acquisition of Pentair's Valves & Controls business.

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EPA to Review the Clean Power Plan Under President Trump’s Executive Order
The Energy Independence Executive Order directs agencies responsible for regulating domestic energy production to submit plans to the White House, which will identify, and propose measures to revise or rescind, regulatory barriers that impede progress towards energy independence. Moreover, the Order rescinds several Obama executive orders and policies related to climate change. It also directs the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Secretary of the Interior to review, and if necessary, revise or rescind, several regulations that may place unnecessary, costly burdens on coal-fired electric utilities, coal miners, and oil and gas producers.

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EPA chief: Trump to undo Obama plan to curb global warming
President Donald Trump in the coming days will sign a new executive order that unravels his predecessor's sweeping plan to curb global warming, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency said Sunday.

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Utility leaders elevate water infrastructure at AWWA event on Capitol Hill
More than 140 water utility leaders from throughout the United States embarked on 352 meetings with members of Congress this week to elevate the importance of investing in water infrastructure.

The utility leaders were part of the American Water Works Association's Water Matters! Fly-In, an annual event at which water issues are front and center in the halls of Congress. Collaborating with several other water sector organizations, AWWA members called on Congress to renew water infrastructure by supporting federal, state and local funding partnerships.

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EPA Finalizes $14 Million Cleanup Plan to address Lead and Arsenic at Route 561 Dump site in Gibbsboro, N.J.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has finalized its $14 million plan to clean up contaminated soil and sediment at the Route 561 Dump site in Gibbsboro, N.J. The site is an area near a former paint manufacturing plant and was used as a paint waste dump. The Route 561 Dump site includes businesses, a vacant lot, a small creek called White Sand Branch and wetlands. The soil and sediment at the Route 561 Dump site are contaminated with lead and arsenic.

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EPA Set to Resume Cleanup at USS Lead Superfund Site in East Chicago, Ind.
Settlement with potentially responsible parties provides $16 million more for cleanup
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing to resume cleanup work in zones 2 and 3 of the USS Lead Superfund site in East Chicago in April. EPA has reached an agreement with several potentially responsible parties to fund part of this work valued at an estimated $16 million -- in addition to the $26 million already secured for work under a 2014 consent decree.

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EPA Awards $100 Million to Michigan for Flint Water Infrastructure Upgrades
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded a $100 million grant to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to fund drinking water infrastructure upgrades in Flint, Mich. The funding, provided by the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act of 2016, or WIIN, enables Flint to accelerate and expand its work to replace lead service lines and make other critical infrastructure improvements.

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President Donald Trump Proposes to cut the US EPA budget by 31%
President Donald Trump released a $1.1 trillion budget outline Thursday that proposes increase in defense spending and corresponding cuts to non-defense spending. The EPA was on the list of the top four agencies that will see a decrease in their budget .

The agencies that have had their budgets cut by President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts at the State Department by 28%, the Department of Housing and Urban Development by 13.2%, the Environmental Protection Agency by 31% along with the elimination of other federal programs.

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The High Cost of Exposing Workers to Chemicals at Point of Use

Goat Throat Pumps

It can be catastrophic to a company if toxic or highly flammable chemicals are accidentally released at the point of use. Companies have to assume that if something can go wrong during chemical transfer, it will, and take appropriate precautions to prevent what could be significant consequences.

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The Oxidizer Service Series

Anguil Environmental

This four-part white paper by Anguil Environmental was written for owners and operators of thermal and catalytic oxidizers. The information provided encompasses all of the essential service topics that will help you avoid costly repairs, reduce system downtime, lower emissions, and save money on operating costs.

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Sewer Lift Stations: Provide Continuous Monitoring and Reduce Maintenance Costs in Sewage Life Stations.

PMC Engineering LLC.

The Level Transmitter is a small but vital component in a Sewage Lift or Pump Station to maintain system integrity and avoid unwanted spillage. This Paper discusses the advancements in design for Hydrostatic Level Sensors when used in these and other Wastewater/Groundwater monitoring applications. Includes significant reduction in maintenance costs.

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Best Flow Practices White Paper

Teledyne Hasting Instruments

Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) are versatile, rugged, and accurate measurement/control instruments. Used in a variety of gas flow applications, learn how to get more out of your MFC in terms of accuracy, stability, and reliability.

Practical advice on:
• Cleanliness
• Filtration
• Pressure Regulation
• Line Size
• Straight Piping
• Electrical Connections
• 4-20 mA
• Calibration Interval

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Scott Pruitt Addressed EPA Employees On February 21st, 2017
Scott Pruitt's speech outline his thoughts and goals for the EPA. He outlined his thoughts on the roles between the federal government and the states with "cooperative federalism". He wants the EPA Agency to support the states in enforcing the EPA's Regulations. Through thoughful engagement and debate Mr Pruitt believes the agency will have a better chance at protecting the environment while making it easier for industry to function and be pro-energy.

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Study Identifies Spill Rick of Hydraulically Fractured Wells
Each year, 2 to 16 percent of hydraulically fractured oil and gas wells spill hydrocarbons, chemical-laden water, hydraulic fracturing fluids and other substances, according to a new study.

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Scott Pruit has been Confirmed as EPA's Administrator
On February 17, 2017, the United States Senate confirmed Scott Pruitt as the 14th Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Administrator Pruitt believes that promoting and protecting a strong and healthy environment is among the lifeblood priorities of the government, and that EPA is vital to that mission.

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NewAge® Industries Begins Plant Expansion for More Manufacturing and Warehouse Space
Southampton, Pa. — Preparations at NewAge Industries are underway to expand and renovate 40,000 square feet of space for more clean room suites, inspection areas and warehousing. The company is using an existing area at its headquarters and manufacturing facility located just north of Philadelphia

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Product Showcase

Amber Glass Wide Mouth Packer Bottles

These bottles feature a wide opening for easy filling or dispensing and are a great general purpose bottle for solids. The amber color filters out ultraviolet wavelengths, making amber packers ideal for light sensitive contents. Our amber glass packer bottles are available in over a dozen sizes, ranging from 0.2oz (6ml) to 84oz (2,500ml). Purchase caps separately or purchase your packer bottles with versatile phenolic thermoset caps available with several varieties of liners.

Qorpak Div of Berlin Packaging


Submerged Ultrafiltration Membrance

EnviQ® flat sheet submerged ultrafiltration membranes from QUA® improve the ease of operation and maintenance of membrane bioreactor (MBR) facilities. EnviQ’s innovative design offers ultrafiltration quality product water with a stronger and more rugged PVDF flat sheet membrane. EnviQ membrane cartridges have a "membrane only" surface with no external frame, minimizing biofouling. Additionally, EnviQ’s unique features such as reverse diffusion and proprietary designed air diffusers maximize scrubbing efficiency, lower pressure, and reduce cleaning. EnviQ’s innovative features, combined with its modular design, make it the MBR technology of choice.

Qua Group LLC

High Purity Valves & Plastic Devices

International Polymer Solutions Inc. ("IPS") manufactures high-purity valves and plastic devices for applications requiring engineered performance using PTFE, PFA, PVDF, PEEK, Polypropylene, PVC and other specialized polymers.

Our polymer valves, air cylinders, spray guns, fittings and connectors are ideal for use in the Pollution Equipment Industry.

Our products can also be found in the Semiconductor, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Sanitation, and General Chemical Industries where we supply custom fabricated tanks, manifolds, and cabinets to fit our client's application.
International Polymer Solutions Inc.


pH and ORP Instrumentation





Manufacturer and supplier of PH and ORP instrumentation. Serving all industries in which wastewater is concern.

Analytical Measurements


ChemScan Process Analyzers

ChemScan Process Analyzers are the longest continuously available product for phosphorous and nitrogen monitoring in the wastewater industry.  While others have come and gone, ChemScan's line of nutrient analyzers have been providing reliable service at many treatment plants, some for 15 years or more.  These multi parameter cabinet analyzers have a variety of sample extraction and sample handling accessories, allowing accurate analysis of dissolved phosphorus, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia throughout the plant.  ChemScan's newer line of mini analyzers provides accurate and reliable analysis of a single nutrient at one location for a very affordable price.

ASA Analytics

Your Full Line Tank Supplier

Assmann Corporation of America

Spill Monkey

With its patented filter media and unique design, Spill Monkey is a robust reliable guard for berms and a great barrier against oil and hydrocarbon contamination. Functioning as a hydrocarbon capture device, the Spill Monkey features a sleek design, longer operational life and a high-flow rate. Compact and lightweight, the Spill Monkey provides fast drainage of water and comes with an automatic shut-off in the event of a massive spill. Installation only takes seconds and a ball valve with sight glass is included to allow the monitoring of liquid levels and content. The Spill Monkey also includes triangular end caps for greater stability on the ground. Using gravity to filter diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline or transformer oil out of rainwater, the Spill Monkey allows operators to safely drain any overflow.
SEI Industries Ltd.


Zeol VOC Abatement Systems

Zeol VOC Abatement systems provide efficient and effective solutions for removing solvents from the air.
Munter Corporation