OSHA issues final rule updating walking-working surfaces standards and establishing personal fall protection systems requirements
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a final rule updating its general industry Walking-Working Surfaces standards specific to slip, trip, and fall hazards. The rule also includes a new section under the general industry Personal Protective Equipment standards that establishes employer requirements for using personal fall protection systems.

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On Dec. 7, 1992, an explosion that rocked the South Mountain #3 coal mine in Norton, Virginia killed eight miners, and led investigators to find that failing to ventilate the mine properly, conduct pre-shift and weekly examinations, and apply proper amounts of rock dust contributed to the explosion.

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The Campbell Institute Releases New White Paper on Workplace Wellbeing
The Campbell Institute – the National Safety Council center of excellence for environmental, health and safety management – released a white paper entitled Workplace Wellbeing: Bridging Safety and Health to demonstrate how a true culture of health and safety relies not only on a strong safety program, but one that also focuses on worker wellbeing. The white paper features real world experiences of nine Institute members, outlining the major successes and challenges they have experienced when developing and maintaining their wellbeing programs.

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OSHA's Accumulated List of Precautions covering Winter Weather Hazards
In addition to cold stress, there are other winter weather related hazards that workers may be exposed to when performing tasks such as driving in the snow, removing snow from rooftops, and working near downed or damaged power lines.

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Frostbite and Hypothermia guidelines published by Red Cross
Frostbite and hypothermia are cold-related emergencies that may quickly become life or limb threatening. Preventing cold-related emergencies includes not starting an activity in, on, or around cold water unless you know you can get help quickly in an emergency. Be aware of the wind chill. Dress appropriately and avoid staying in the cold too long.

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Study Correlates Indium in Workplace Air with Respiratory Health Effects
The compound indium-tin oxide (ITO), is used to make products such as flat-panel displays, touch screens, solar panels, energy-efficient windows, and many others. Although these high-tech products may benefit the consumer, a growing body of research indicates workers making and reclaiming products containing ITO are at risk for indium lung disease.

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MSA Acquires Senscient, Inc.
Transaction Expands and Enhances MSA Technology Offerings in the Global Market for Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Systems

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Contractor Groups, Corrections Program Support Trade Up Platform
Trade Up is a platform, formed through cooperative work between West Georgia Technical College,Crane Industry Services, LLC and ELA Consulting Group. The mission of Trade Up is to recruit, train and qualify a skilled labor pipeline for contractors. The intent is mutual benefit for employees seeking rewarding, interesting careers and employers seeking qualified people who are ready, willing and able to work.

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Product Showcase
Industrial Scientific is pleased to introduce the Radius™ BZ1 Area Monitor. The rugged, transportable Radius BZ1 provides an industry-leading run time of 168 continuous hours while excelling at hazard communication, connectivity and ease of use. The Radius BZ1 ensures that workers not only know that the instrument is alarming, but why, thanks to distinctive audio and visual cues and an extra-large display. Custom alarm action messages allow workers to take appropriate action depending on the present gas level.   
The ClixStream™ by CLMI Safety Training provides trainers a way to stream videos from your personal company library of over 250 of CLMI’s best safety & HR programs through the internet. Unlike DVDs, which can often become outdated or which are shipped from location to location, the ClixStream library gives your trainers fingertip access to this comprehensive library. 800-533-2767
CLMI Safety Training

Alpha Omega Instruments introduces the Series 1300 O2 Deficiency Monitor. Features 4 year sensor warranty, built-in data logger, audible/visual alarms, up to three sensors, factory calibrated. Base price under $1,500.
Alpha Omega Instruments Corp.
Flexible Silcon® tubing handles temperatures between -100°F and 500°F. Good electrical and weathering properties. Resists U.V. radiation, ozone, gases. Made in USA.
New Age
You’ve got a lot of contractors to manage. You only need one tool. Gatefeed.

• Safety Training
• Drug & Background Screening
• Contractor Pre-Qualification

Online and All in One Place. Gatefeed helps companies to save thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours that would have been spent on Contractor Safety Training, Screening and Pre-Qualification. What will it take to save thousands in money and time? Just 10 minutes of your time. Nothing to lose. Lots to gain.
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Gate Feed
SoloProtect is a workplace safety solution designed for those who work alone. Fashioned as an ID holder, the SoloProtect device is wearable for easy access. Users can discreetly raise an alert with the touch of a button. This distress signal will open a one-way communication channel with SoloProtect’s highly trained and certified Emergency Dispatch Center, available 24/7/365. The emergency dispatcher can assess the situation and help provide the assistance necessary to mitigate a dangerous situation.

The new standard has made silica dust monitoring and control a real-time issue for protecting workers---requiring real-time measurement instruments from TSI. Make sure you have what you need! Now is the perfect time to buy the new TSI SidePak™ AM520 or AM520i Personal Aerosol Monitor---limited time trade-in offer available.
TSI Incorporated
Wildeck® safety guarding products are wise investments that provide an added level of protection for your materials, equipment—and most importantly, your people! With their strong structural design, and their easy-to-see barrier, they contribute to a safer and more productive work environment.

Wilgard® Guard Rail
Column / Rack Protectors
Machine Guards
EdgeGard™ Dock Gates
Safety Bollards
Safety Gates

Wildeck, Inc.