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Scott Pruitt Addressed EPA Employees On February 21st, 2017
February 21, 2017

Scott Pruitt's speech outlined his thoughts and goals for the EPA.

He outlined his thoughts on the roles between the federal government and the states with "cooperative federalism". He wants the EPA to support the states in enforcing the EPA's Regulations. Through thoughtful engagement and debate, Mr Pruitt believes the agency will have a better chance at protecting the environment while making it easier for industry to function and be pro-energy.

"We need to be open, transparent and objective in how we do rulemaking and make sure we follow the letter of the law as we do so because that would send, I think, a great message to those who are regulated," Pruitt said. "They want to know what’s expected of them."
Pruitt revisited the idea he first talked about during his confirmation hearings. Mr Pruit believes that regulation should make things regular and those who are regulated should know what is expected of them. Pruitt stated that he looks forward to getting to spend time with the EPA Employees and he wants to be a resource for them. The administrator believes that you can not lead without listening and that is what he intends to do. Law making should continue to be open and transparent. This seemed to be in direct response to comments released by J. David Cox Sr., the national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents more than 9,000 employees at the Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Cox issued the following statement in response to the Senate's 52-46 vote to confirm Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator on February 17th 2017:

"As head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt will be responsible for leading the agency's efforts to ensure the safety of our air and water, repair our aging infrastructure of water lines and treatment plants, clean up hazardous waste sites, and enforce environmental laws and regulations that help protect our precious natural resources.

"EPA's workforce is smaller today than it was in 1999, despite a significant growth in responsibilities. Starving this vital agency of the resources it needs to carry out its important work threatens the health and safety of all Americans.

"The biologists, scientists, lab technicians, engineers, and other civil servants who work at the EPA must be able to do their jobs without political interference or fear of retribution. Ensuring the independence of our career civil servants at EPA and all federal agencies is an essential part of our democratic government and something that we will fight to maintain.

Pruitt wants the agency to focus on core functions. He believes the EPA can do a better job keeping pollution out of the air and water along with cleaning toxic chemicals from contaminated industrial sites.

Near the end of Mr. Pruitt’s speech he stated “We as an agency and we as a nation can be both pro-energy and we can be pro-environment, and we don’t have to choose between the two." Scott Pruitt's speech outlined his thoughts and goals for the EPA.