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Trump is Slashing the Federal Government Budget and The EPA is on the top of that list.
February 2, 2017

Trumps administration as with many Republican administrations before him, ran on the promise of slashing the federal government expenditures. Trump has made it very clear that one of the main agencies that he will be looking is the Environmental Protection Agency.

The statement below is from an interview between Myron Ebell (The former head of President Donald Trump's transition team at the EPA) and The Associated Press.

"About half the EPA's budget passes through to state and local governments for infrastructure projects and environmental cleanup efforts that Ebell said Trump supports. He said the cuts would likely fall on the remaining half the agency's budget, which pays for agency operations and environmental enforcement."

The EPA current had a $8 billion dollar annual budget and the Trumps' Administration is looking to reduce by about $1 billion. Since most of the agencies's budget is handed over to the states for enforcement, clean up and grant activities. Logic would say this $ 1 billion cut would include reducing the enforcement efforts at the federal level and reducing many positions at the federal level as well. Currently there is approximately 15,000 federal EPA employees how many of these jobs will be cut by the new administration is still to be determined.

Many wonder what will the EPA will look like at the federal level under the new administration. According to Trump's pick for EPA Scott Pruitt believes regulatory affairs should be enforced by the states because they are the most knowledgable about what there own states issues. Pruitt wants to enforce the the current environmental regulations on the books and look at the environment as one big picture not just focus regulating one industry or another.

With Trump's emphasis on adding manufacturing and infrastructure projects, the EPA will be kept very busy enforcing current environmental regulations. And over seeing permits and compliance upcoming projects.