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Noise Control Improving the Quality of Life
May 17, 2017

June 12-14, 2017
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Held in conjunction with the SAE 2017 Noice and Vibration Conference & Exhibition

Plenary Lectures

James Barnes
Acentech, Inc.
Cambridge, MA

Jim Barnes entered the noise and vibration consulting profession at Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN) directly following college. He majored in mechanical engineering and earned a Bachelor of Science in 1972 and Master of Engineering in 1973 from Cornell University. His graduate research group, which was composed of fellow mechanical and electrical engineering students, explored designs for several possible subsystems that were being planned for the future Mars Roving Vehicle under NASA sponsorship.

His early work at BBN focused on environmental sound studies for proposed industrial facilities where he conducted numerous ambient sound monitoring programs, plant sound surveys, and equipment sound evaluations. Of note during that period, Jim led the field studies for the Empire State Electric Energy Corporation (ESEERCO) Power Plant Construction Noise Guide. Eric Wood served as Project Manager and Principal Investigator and Laymon Miller was Lead Technical Consultant for the overall project, which produced the well-referenced guide. He is very grateful to Eric and Laymon, as well as many other senior BBN colleagues for providing him numerous opportunities to learn and contribute meaningfully to projects.

Jim is an original shareholder, past Director of the Noise and Vibration Group, and currently a Principal at Acentech. He continues to consult on a wide variety of noise and vibration issues and to concentrate on environmental and industrial noise with a particular interest in modeling, evaluating, and resolving community and workplace noise issues in the power industry. At present, he maintains registration as a Professional Engineer in several states. For his contributions as a course instructor at INCE-USA conferences, Jim was named an INCE-USA Fellow, and in recognition of his overall career, he was honored in 2016 with the INCE/NCAC Laymon N. Miller Award for Excellence in Acoustical Consulting.

Richard DeJong

Dr. Richard DeJong is Professor Emeritus of Engineering at Calvin College. After receiving his Sc.D. degree from MIT, he served as a senior research scientist and vice president at Cambridge Collaborative, Inc. for 11 years. He then took the position of professor of applied mechanics at Calvin College where he taught for 26 years and also served as the engineering department chair for several years. Recently retired from teaching responsibilities, Dr. DeJong continues his research and consulting in noise and vibration control.

Joint Technical Sessions

A major feature of the two conferences will be special Joint Sessions to which attendees from both conferences will be invited to attend. These sessions will be of premier quality and share new perspectives, topics, or collaborations based on interactions between INCE-USA and SAE. These Joint Sessions will offer an opportunity to bring together theory and practical applications in a wide range of mobility sectors.

The foundation of these sessions will be invited papers given by distinguished presenters. The inclusion of panel discussions is planned for most sessions, which will provide unique opportunities to gain new perspectives and interact with technical leaders across a wide range of industries.

The following topics are being offered as a joint session:
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