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IAQA has issued a Call for Papers for its 21st Annual Meeting, to be held at the Hilton Chicago in Chicago, IL from January 22 24, 2018.
April 15, 2017

We are seeking abstract proposals on the following topics:

  • Assessments

    • Building Science and Materials

    • Business Management

    • Emerging Issues

    • Filtration and Particles

    • Foundations for the IAQ Professional

    • Government Affairs

    • Healthy Homes

    • IAQ Around the World

    • Mold and Microbes

    • Occupational IAQ

    • Sampling

    • Research

    • Marijuana

    • Best practices

    • HVAC and ventilation

    • Biological issues

    • IAQ 101

    IAQA will work with individuals who may be eligible to receive CEUs as a result of giving a presentation. Presenters may be eligible to receive CEUs from the several certifying organizations.

    Presentation times will be 60 minutes in length. Selected speakers will be given discounted admittance to the Annual Meeting. All material presented at IAQA must be substantiated by scientific literature citations, where available. In subject areas lacking research, presenters shall clearly state what source(s) the presentation material is based upon or note that the presentation is based on their experience. Written permission must be obtained for any copy written material used in conjunction with the submitted paper or presentation. Presenters must clearly declare any competing interests at the beginning of their presentation.

    Pre-Conference Workshops Proposals
    Conference training workshops 4 8 hours in length will be included in the 2018 conference program and will take place on Sunday, January 21st, 2018. IAQA is seeking abstract submittals for these workshops, as well. These workshops should provide advanced training in the theory and practice of a topic relevant to indoor air quality, including HVAC and building science. Proposals will be considered for both basic and advanced workshops, though advanced workshops are preferred. Proposals should include:

  • Statement of Need

  • Specific learning objectives

  • An outline of the subject material

The source of all material presented at IAQA must be identified as described in the presentation guidelines (personal experience, published literature, or other source) and declaration made of any competing interests.

Definition of Session Types
Session 1 hour presentation with Q&A, presented on a single topic.

Workshop 4 or 8 hours long (full-day or half-day), provides advanced training in the theory and practice of a topic relevant to indoor air quality, including HVAC and building science. All workshops will be scheduled on Sunday, January 21st.

Panel Discussion about a specific topic amongst a selected group of panelists who share differing perspectives.

Case study Documented study of a specific real-life situation. Can stress developmental factors in relation to environment and/or may be used as a training tool.