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Pollution Equipment News

Features products and services used by those who design or are responsible for the pollution abatement systems and policies for their organization.

PEN informs and educates professionals in the air pollution control, water, wastewater, and hazardous waste disposal industries.

Industrial Hygiene News

Features products and services that help keep employees safe and their organization OSHA compliant.

IHN informs and educates occupational safety and health professionals dealing with workplace safety. 

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Rimbach Publishing
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Rimbach Publishing Company was established in 1968 by Richard Rimbach Sr., the former Owner/Publisher of Instruments and Control Systems Magazine. Mr. Rimbach Sr. graduated from MIT with an engineering degree. He was the first executive secretary of the Instrument Society of America. He saw with the passing of the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act a need for more informational outlets concerning environmental pollution control and abatement technologies. In 1970, Richard Rimbach Jr. returned to work with his father to expand the company to include the Pollution Equipment News and Industrial Hygiene  News titles. The company is now run by Richard Rimbach Jr.'s three children, Raquel Rimbach, Managing Editor, Renee Dickinson, Exec. Treasurer, and Andrew Rimbach in the Sales Department.